Executive Search Senior Consultant Gunnar Sjögren

Gunnar Sjögren, Senior Consultant

After graduating from Stockholm School of Economics in 1972 specializing in management and marketing Gunnar worked during the following year with marketing research at IBS.

He then started advertising agency Skjoldebrand&Sjogren which rapidly grow to one of the leading creative shops in Sweden. The agency was sold in 1989 to Saatchi&Saatchi Worldwide and Gunnar was named CEO for Saatchi&Saatchi Advertising Sweden.

Commercial television had its breakthrough in Sweden early nineties and Gunnar was recruited to TV4 as Sales- and Marketing Director. He could benefit from his vast network of multinational companies from his time with the agency, companies who later became large advertisers in TV4. During this time Gunnar had several seats in the boards of local TV companies in the TV4 Group and he also coordinated marketing activities with the major Nordic TV-networks.

After leaving TV4 in 1999 he formed a consultant company ICS, Interactive Cables Services and worked with a major project for cable operator ComHem.

Gunnar joined Bredbandsbolaget as Executive Vice President in 1999 heading the group working with TV and Video On Demand in the broadband network. He also served as acting CEO during the listing process of the company in 2000.

In 2001 Gunnar entered the recruiting business when he got an offer to join Bohmans Executive Search as a Senior Consultant. He has also previously worked with Sight Executive Group and Loyal Search when he in late 2008 is joining the team at Harvest&Baker.

Gunnar has a broad experience as Senior Consultant in Executive Search focusing on executives and key persons within economy, sales and marketing. Emphasis is on supporting clients in recruitment and change processes in retail, IT/Technology and media, reflecting his own operational experiences in his career.

Gunnar also have genuine experience from several board assignments and basic coach training.